Home Inspection Oak Lawn, Orland Park IL

Hire Us to Conduct a Sellers Inspection for your Oak Lawn, Orland Park, Chicago, IL Area Property

Don't Put a Damaged House on the Market

As you prepare your home for potential buyers, contact Durkworks to schedule a sellers inspection before you list it. You need to be aware of its exact condition to:

  • Know the true value of your property. We'll make sure you sell your home for a fair price.
  • Identify damages. Few buyers will pay to patch up a home they just bought. Knowing if your home needs repairs allows you to fix the damages so it can be more marketable.
  • Solidify your price. You'll minimize a buyer's bargaining ability once you know how much your home is worth.

We'll give you a detailed report with pictures after we've examined your property.

Contact us at 708-428-3050 for a free estimate on your sellers inspection in Oak Lawn or Orland Park, IL and the surrounding areas.

We won't miss anything

Our sellers inspector is always thorough. Once Durkworks has inspected your home, you'll know what steps to take next. You'll save time and money in the long run by having us look over your property.

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